The Memory Thief

A dark gap stood out where the broken orb should have gone. He rubbed his hands together. Time to add to my collection.

The Dancing Troll

To boogie or not to boogie. It was a simple question for Albert the troll.

Retry the Fly By

He sniffed the air and smelt boy. He hadn’t come across a lot of humans before. His mother had warned him off speaking to them, but since they were stuck in a cave together he thought he may as well introduce himself. ‘Hello.’

A Prank Gone Wrong

‘What if I told you, you couldn’t change the past, but I might be able to help you rewrite the future. You in?’ His eyes twinkled as he put the glass down.

Junk Town

Old Man Ferris grinned. ‘Everything deserves a second chance and it’s wasteful to always throw things away.’

The Leaky Pond

‘I am most certainly not a frog.’ He rolled his eyes. ‘Those fancy-prancy-sing-song frogs give the rest of us a bad name.’ He sighed. ‘If you must know, I’m a toad.’

Time to Go

‘Yes. Photos are like windows to the past. Now close your eyes and think of your Mum in that picture. Repeat after me, time to go.’

Insider Spider

The Webberton’s take pride on being inside, they used to say, so here he was trying to do the same.

The Zogs and the Alien

‘I am the leader and I say we should!’ continued the grumpy one.
‘But you just said we shouldn’t?’
‘I did not. I was thinking out loud.’
‘I agree.’
‘Who agrees?’

AI Cat One

The cat flicked its tail dismissively. ‘My name is Catone… and afternoon. You know, School is very boring.’