Masks, Mazes, Wordsearches & Spot-The Difference


Can you spot the difference?

Colour me in

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Lego is great for building and creating. Its also good for a prank. Put a few pieces in someone’s shoe before they leave for school or work. Even better, make a chuck of it and put it in one of your parent’s pillows before they go to sleep.


The Leek-not-Leak

 When you’re home and everyone is in the lounge  – pop to the kitchen and put the leek in the sink, then shout ‘Oh no, there is a leak in the kitchen sink! Come quickly.’



Take a 50p or £1 from your pocket money and some super glue. Stick the coin to the pavement outside your house and watch as everyone tries to pick it up but can’t! Haha.

Prank acheived. 

Can you think of another activity that you’d like us to do? Let Atticus know and he’ll create it for you!

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