From ‘The Memory Thief’ to ‘AI Cat One’, here are ten adventure-packed stories for children to spark their imaginations and make them laugh. What will happen to Albert the dancing troll as he finds a new home? Or James as he competes in a daring game of intergalactic snakes and ladders? Maybe the Prankster is more than he seems….

Age: 6-99

Imprint:           Twilight Cat
5th September 2019
256 Pages
129 mm × 198 mm × 22mm

Meet some of the Twilight characters…

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Twilight Tales was my first leap into publishing. You’ll love all of these characters, especially Derik the Dragon, Catone and the Prankster. 

12 + 15 =

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Originals from Twilight Tales

He originally started with watercolour but sadly had to digitalise and use greyscale! Go to his instagram to see more cool photos…

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Other than his sparkling imagination, Atticus Ryder’s versatile storytelling style makes for entertaining reading. In this collection, there’s a story for every mood, every time of day and every little budding personality. He brings his characters so much to life that they leap right off the page, into your dreams, your everyday conversation and your own imagination, leaving you wanting more. He works pathos, humour and surprising twists into his beautifully illustrated tales (even a few easter eggs for the discerning mind!)

Childhood experiences and imaginings, seemingly simple on the surface, lead you into a ‘twilight’ place of faint memory, reluctant goodbyes and steely courage. I hope that you and your young’uns enjoy meeting Reginald, Madeleine, Old Man Ferris and Catone as much as we did!

Anna Godfrey

Mum of one!

I like how Twilight Tales kept me reading. I did not want to put this book down because it was suspenseful! I enjoyed the mix of mystery, adventure, and science.


Amazon ★★★★ review

These beautifully yet deceptively simply told stories have captured the imaginations of my just-4 and 5 year olds. From the incredible, wide-eyed attention my younger boy paid to every word of the Dancing Troll to my elder daughter’s astounded expression as the Memory Thief and the Northern Lights were tied together, I have been blown away by the way Atticus Ryder’s words have woven such vivid worlds for them both.

The quiet but persistent importance of kindness and friendship, the value of encouragement and being true to yourself make a subtle warp to these stories’ weft of character, action and adventure in a truly original way.

My family would all recommend this collection of stories to anyone with an imagination and a willingness to travel into it.

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Amazon ★★★★★ Review

There’s something here for everyone in Atticus Ryder’s debut collection of short stories. You’ll laugh, cry and everything in between. Each story is unique and different from the next, and Atticus does a brilliant job of immersing the reader in the worlds and lives of his colourful cast of characters. It’s hard to pick a favourite tale, but if I had to choose I’d go for ‘Time to Go’ – beautifully written and very moving.

Atticus is a natural-born storyteller and definitely a talent to watch!

Eleanor Hawkin

Children's Author and mum of two!

Great book, fantastic stories that entertain and teach, truly enthralling tales and a bit of a laugh for mum and dad too. The illustration is fantastic and strikes a good balance in keeping our four year old on board. A rare treat.

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Amazon ★★★★★ Review

This is a really nice collection of stories. We’re reading them at bedtime, but that’s really just about the timing of when I can do that with the kids. They’re quirky. I like that it’s not just another formulaic adventure series but is instead a collection of stories with actual themes and issues that kids can recognize and relate to. And that they aren’t worthy or heavy-handed about it.

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Scottish Footie

Amazon ★★★★★ Review

These are charming, heart-warming stories with really neat illustrations. My favourite is the dancing troll. I love how there are little links to a next story hidden in the stories. When my son is a little older it will be fun to watch him put two and two together!!

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Amazon ★★★★★ Review

I like reading these story before I go to bed. They are just the right size to finish before I can’t read anymore. The Prankster is my favourite. I want to go on adventures with him. Also I am going to explore space like James does when I am older because he stole my name.

James B

Fan of James

The Memory Thief

A dark gap stood out where the broken orb should have gone. He rubbed his hands together. Time to add to my collection.

The Dancing Troll

To boogie or not to boogie. It was a simple question for Albert the troll.

Retry the Fly By

He sniffed the air and smelt boy. He hadn’t come across a lot of humans before. His mother had warned him off speaking to them, but since they were stuck in a cave together he thought he may as well introduce himself. ‘Hello.’

A Prank Gone Wrong

‘What if I told you, you couldn’t change the past, but I might be able to help you rewrite the future. You in?’ His eyes twinkled as he put the glass down.

Junk Town

Old Man Ferris grinned. ‘Everything deserves a second chance and it’s wasteful to always throw things away.’

The Leaky Pond

‘I am most certainly not a frog.’ He rolled his eyes. ‘Those fancy-prancy-sing-song frogs give the rest of us a bad name.’ He sighed. ‘If you must know, I’m a toad.’

Time to Go

‘Yes. Photos are like windows to the past. Now close your eyes and think of your Mum in that picture. Repeat after me, time to go.’

Insider Spider

The Webberton’s take pride on being inside, they used to say, so here he was trying to do the same.

The Zogs and the Alien

‘I am the leader and I say we should!’ continued the grumpy one.
‘But you just said we shouldn’t?’
‘I did not. I was thinking out loud.’
‘I agree.’
‘Who agrees?’

AI Cat One

The cat flicked its tail dismissively. ‘My name is Catone… and afternoon. You know, School is very boring.’