The Black Prince

The Black Prince, is a classic YA Novel adventure-style fantasy set in a pre-industrial republic with strong underlying psychological themes played out through emerging telepathic and therianthropy powers.

The narrative follows Nathaniel Blackwood, known as Black and his companions; a troop of samurai-like Goblins led by their captain, Grudge. Keeping their identity hidden under the guise of mercenaries, they trek across the Cadastre Republic and its bordering countries hunting down the last remnants of the Horde, twisted beastial monsters, that destroyed their homeland. Along the way they unwittingly accrue the blame for Horde’s destruction whilst discovering its malevolent origin and uncover a plot to start a civil war throughout the republic. Each action and situation forces them to confront their own identities, loyalties, shadow-selves and family secrets, as they cling to their ideals and try to save the one thing that fears and hates them, the Cadastre Republic.

Coming soon in Paperback and ePub on Amazon and Waterstones.

Imprint: Twilight Cat
 356  Pages
129 mm × 198 mm × 22mm


What does the author say about it?

Much like an adolescent experience of growing up with a torrent of emotion energy and transitioning from black & white facts to shades of grey feelings, the story aims to give a voice and acceptance to reader’s real-world experience, whilst wrapping it in an engaging fictional story.

Atticus Ryder

Author & Illustrator

Inspiration for the story


Final Fantasy VII


The Last Samurai

See what Cadastre looks like…