Coming in Late 2021

Writing from a (boring) town with non-magical people, we bring you a rare page-turner tale for your morning tea.

It starts with Percy the (not-so-good) Wizard waking up late, smelling yesterday’s socks and rushing out the door. Did he pretend to be a dodgy plumber on purpose? Local reports say he scared the neighbours and turned retired people into beach balls! No wonder he got in a tangle with the J.A.M.I ! 

Age: 6-99

Imprint:           Twilight Cat
Published:      May 2021

ISBN:               978-1-8380956-4-2

128 Pages
129 mm × 198 mm × 22mm

Meet some of the characters

What does the author say about it?

A silly and serious disaster adventure with Percy, my favourite anti-hero! 

12 + 5 =

Inspired by some of these classics


Originals & Raw art from Tea O'Clock

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After swinging open the bathroom door, Percy stared down in panic. There was a large puddle of brown liquid on the floor. Oh no! he thought, I hope that’s not what I think it is! Percy gingerly bent down and sniffed at it. Phew, not poo! he thought with relief


‘Oh, I am sorry,’ she said as she bumped into him accidentally on purpose. ‘By the way I just wanted to ask, Mr Windthrup. The ring you’ve lost. Was the diamond a big one cut into a square shape?’


‘Allo, Bertie’s Plumbing Service here. Your pipe problems are our speciality!’

‘Oh, good. Hello. I’m Percy. I’ve got a leak.’ 

‘What’s good? Having a leak? True, they’re nice with bacon!’ Bertie chuckled.

‘No, a leak, not a leek!’ Percy replied with exasperation. 

‘Just kidding, don’t worry. Bathroom or kitchen? Water gushing, is it?’ Bertie replied.


‘Don’t panic!’ said a voice from the water, ‘I won’t bite, I promise! You’re a wizard, aren’t you? Unless that outfit is a costume.’ 

And then, the water rose up into two tendrils and waved!